Corporate Partners



Corporate partners are asked to provide small quantities of products that have market potential in targeted communities, as well as to help determine pricing. They also provide training, which takes place in the targeted communities and marketplaces. Swisscontact highly values its business and corporate partners, who are an integral part of the Project operations.

Responsibilities of Corporate Partners

To help ensure the success of the Young Entrepreneurship Programme, business partners are asked to:

  1. Appoint a Youth Entrepreneurship Liaison, who can serve as a primary contact for the Project;
  2. Commit an initial inventory of Fast Moving Consumer Goods to help launch sales activity;
  3. Contribute/Volunteer their expertise to help facilitate the effective development of youth-led business formations and distribution networks.

Benefits of becoming a Corporate Partner

  1. Develop new distribution channels by employing newly trained and entrepreneurial youth networks;
  2. Support market penetration of specific products within targeted communities;
  3. Build brand awareness, brand loyalty and a strong customer base;
  4. Increase profitability;
  5. Achieve Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us to make a positive difference by becoming involved in this exciting Project.